Could a previous L2 taker give some insight on what kind of questions to expect? and how much of the exam is worth alternative investments. (saying 5-15) is too much margin of error. I am asking this as except for the reading on Private equity, no other chapter has end of questions. Does it mean that we only need to study Private equity for the exam. Also since I have only studied 3 days so far, I decided to take this study session first and was very disappointed to learn that I might be spending time on something that won’t even appear on the exam. I am horribly worried with the remaining days, and about 70 odd readings for me to go… ughhh!

oh i started actually 1st wk of march or something, but then I took 3 wk break, as if i had accomplished much just looking at the material and needed a break. haha. cfa 2 is rather getting funny now.