Alt. Invst.. CFAI or shweser ?

Alternate invst in CFAi books is huge… compared to schweser which seems to wrapping up the things in few pages… considering the heavy weight the topic carries it neds consideable study attention. from where r u guys doing it ??

Reading both…I find the alts sections interesting I am paranoid we’re gonna be screwed by CFAI trying to find gaps between the material…take reading 38 los g…look at the half assed attempt at explaining that LOS in the Schweser books. Don’t forget about Treynor Black last year either!

I too noticed the gap on LOS 38.g in Schweser. There have been a few instances where I’ve read the schweser material and realized it really didn’t provide an answer to the LOS. In those cases, I’ve made sure to read the CFAI text. I’ve read both Alt Invst in CFAI & Schweser and found that overall Schweser does a good job. I think it really comes down to really knowing the schweser material. While it won’t hit every little detail that CFAI covers, it will get you a passing grade come exam day if you know the schweser material inside & out.

there is an update to that los on the schweser site