Alterinative Investments - AM or PM

I’ve went thru past CFAI exams and haven’t come across a single AI question in the morning. Doing the Schweser exams, it’s come up three times in the morning.

Are there any sections 100% to assume they will be in the PM? I’m thinking AI and Ethics would be the ones.

Or should I/we approach ALL sections like they could be in the morning?


I’ve never seen Ethics or GIPS in the morning session; everything else is fair game.

I must’ve missed an exam with Alternative Investments in the morning then. I’ve been thru the past 10 years and didn’t see one.

I want to improve my AI. I notice there are apx. 40 AI problems in cfai. Are there certain problems that are more a priority?

From the EOC, I’m assuming Hedge funds but really it touchs on everything.