Alternative Investements- No. of questions

I am pretty sure this thread was started sometime earlier but cant seem to locate it… I wanted to know how many questions would be there on alternative investments… In the CFAI mock there were 9 but in the other mocks there are only 3… I havent really studied this section that well and am a lil worried.

Think 3% so about 7 questions

considering the weighting by CFAI is 3%…0.03(240)= 7 or 8 questions probably… it’s a very small section and has very little effect overall, but to get a few right atleast could help out

My tutor said you need to get atleast a single one right

Hmm… does that mean if you dont get a single question right in AE, but to really well in all the other sections, they dont pass you?

lol I hope you didn’t have to pay this ‘tutor’… he/she lacks common sense and the ability to read from the CFA website