Alternative Investments

What section is Alternative Investments included under?

It’s a book of its own, you do have it right?

I’ve been studying that book exclusively, its tough

Guaranteed to be at least two vignettes on Alts.

official weight 5%-15% - I would expect 1 Real estate item set and then a few other alt investment questions sprinkled throughout

hedge fund and real estate

i do not know anything about real estate… oops…

It is under equity, after residual income

My trouble with this is that I study via practice questions. And there are not many questions on this topic. Should I actually read the official texts. That’ll suck.

what will u say are somke of the key thoughts there…it doesn’t seem to rock me like equity itself…

I’m not sure what the hell they’ll ask. Its kind of scary as I know I should be studying it more but I don’t know what to study. Its so short and seemingly simple.

Don’t you think residual income included in alternative investments? I mean, it’s the same study session. And the first reading after RI includes all the concepts that we just learned in the RI reading (like EVA etc…)

not more than 5% as CFA text is too short.