Alternative Study Approach (Thoughts?)

Hi, nothing rocket science here, but I’m starting up again for December’s exam, and I was just thinking…

Why wouldn’t I want to go from bottom-up understanding instead of top-down as normally recommended (mainly when you have 6+ months to study…).

In practice, this could mean I would read the key concepts at the back of the Schweser study sections, then the Secret Sauce for more clarity, and only then dig into the full Schweser texts to get additional insight on areas I feel I need to read up more or get further understanding.

This way, I can get through the curriculum way quicker, have awareness for the key concepts I need to know for the exam, and then fill out my details and gaps primarily through practice questions (which is what seems to be recommended anways (i.e. getting to questions and exams sooner)).

I personally think this is quite smart, but I’d love to hear other opinions, especially from current charter holders. Thank you.

Have you already gone through the material once already? If so maybe this would work so you can focus on weak areas but if you’re just starting or brushing up probably a condensed overview of everything to refresh then do questions and review weak areas that stem from that. What worked for you in L1 and L2 should work for L3. Not sure if it’s worth changing the formula this far in. I couldn’t image going bottom up for L2 would be too confused getting lost in the weeds especially since L3 is so interconnected.

Most people learn and internalize by continuously condensing material but to each their own. Good luck