Always in 55 to 60. Level II retakers. Advise to pass this time.

I am level II retakers. SO far I have taken all Schweser tests ( except 1 set), 2 Finquiz test, 1 Elan Guide Test, 1 CFA Singapore Test, CFA 2013 Mock , CFA 2012 morning mock and 2011 morning mock.They are all in 50 to 60 range. Befoere I passed level I , I was like that within 45-50 range and work up to 60. Two Days before exam, I hit 80 for CFA LEVEL 1 exam and I passed all sessions except for Derivatives for LEVEL I. Since my scores are not in passing range, I am starting to worry.

How could I raise up my scores and make sure that I pass this year? Review Testbook or Schweser or Review Mock again?

What’s your plan for last 5 days?

Tough situation. I do believe you are trying really hard on L2, and it sounds like you’re doing all the right things to prepare, but you’re still unable to cross that 70% benchmark. Just keep plugging away on the mocks and reviewing them.

Pay especially close attention to ETHICS! If I were you, I would be desperately trying to improve my Ethics score. I’ve heard numerous time that in truly borderline situations, if the Ethics score is solid, the candidate will pass.

Test-taking skills become really valuable too. You have to be really good at eliminating answers. You have to manage your time well. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Try to think the way they want you to think. Try to get inside the test-writers head!

Good luck!

do you think redoing all the mocks again and drill down the incorrect questions is a good strategy? I mean dont just tick it because u remember the answer but work through it in details

i’d say it’s a very good strategy! i am applying it myself:) all comes down to the process not the answer itself.

sandarpawin, what band were you at last year? I am retaker too

Of course!