AM 2015 Q8 - Not relevant why?

I found one overview of previous exams showing this is not relevant. However, I quickly read the answers and questions and I recognize a lot of the material. Anybody who knows why this has been labeled not relevant anymore?

Looks like you should address that to the reviewer who said it is not relevant.

I think they said that because it talks about the human capital section, which was updated this year.

Did you guys believe the whole exercise is relevant?

I believe it is relevant and is also part of 2017 CFAI curriculum, Risk management for Individuals.There are also questions on PM/AM Portal Mocks from this session.

Q8 A part discusses about financial market risk. Although you can consider it as “investment risk” as discussed in New Reading 12 of L-III but since the new reading does not explicitly talk about financial risk, so you can consider it irrelevant.

Q8 B is relevant to LOS i Reading 12.

Q8 C can also be considered irrelevant because the new reading does not discuss this concept.