AM Answers are online - is regrading possible?

I am not one of those who like to whine, but just read published AM Session responses and compared it to my notes. Surprisingly my notes are almost identical to CFA Institute’s published answers. My FM scores were solid. Now that I know for fact that my responses are right, can I request re-grading AM session? Isn’t this fair request?

i know this response is late… but u will burn $100 for nothing…

I feel it’s a bit too late for regrading!

to clarify there is no such thing as regrading in CFAI, the only thing they do is “retabulate”… so even if your answers are right as you think they are… there is no chance of scores being changed…unless they made an error in counting…

I don’t get it. Your notes correspond to the published answers but what about the asnwers you wrote on your paper? I’m pretty sure that the notes I gave for years as a professor corresponded to the published answers on the exams, but plenty of people still failed.

Why doesnt CFAI be brave and allow regrading? Or show NY_CFA his exam paper telling him what he wrote incorrectly?