AM answers in foreign language

Yesterday a friend told me that he answered some of the am questions in portuguese. Do you think the exam graders will be honorable enough to google translate them and grade it?

I think that there’s absolutely no chance of them grading anything that’s not written in English

Wow … We need more such candidates so that our (people who answered in English only) chances of passing increases wink

Anyone else … Who knows about candidates that have written answers in say Mandarin/Spanish/German etc … Please report … This is good news :slight_smile:


Actually, I was wondering about something similar. I’m quite certain that on multiple occassions I wrote numbers in European style (i.e. like 3/2 = 1,5 instead of 1.5). Would they approve these answers ?

There is nothing honorable in them googling portuguese and translating and grading. I think the rules are quite clear a priori. I don’t know if i should feel sad or pitiful for your friend.

Was he joking when he said that? I sure hope he was

Why do you believe that it would be honorable to give credit to someone who violated the rules (and, presumably, dishonorable to fail to give that person credit)?

English is my native language, and it never occurred to me to answer in any other language. That being said, does CFAI ever say that the morning answers shall be answered in English? I don’t remember them saying that when they read the instructions.

^ they state it when the proctors read out the instructions. It stuck out to me this time round so maybe it’s a new thing

On the CFA Institute website, the exam details page ( includes this statement:

Exams are offered in English only , in order to ensure global consistency, both in administering the exam questions and in grading candidate responses.

While it doesn’t say explicitly that answers must be in English, that last phrase strongly implies it. (However, it may be stated explicitly elsewhere; I don’t know.)

I can’t stop laughing at this post and the responses…shows the diversity and ways some candidates can be so creative. …good post to help relax nerves before results

ur friends with a complete moron, does not look good on you

really wish they can read my hieroglyphs.

If say, answers in Chinese were accepted, no idea how much more competitve the exam would be. Probably 90-95 average?

Excerpt from CFA website (fourth bullet addresses the topic of interest):

Completing Your Essay Book

Essay Answers for Level III AM Session It is your responsibility to complete the essay book correctly to ensure all information is accurately recorded during grading and your results are correctly reported back to you. When completing your essay book:

  • Use blue or black ink. You must bring your own pen on exam day. Testing personnel will not provide writing instruments to candidates.
  • Write your CFA Institute ID and seat number on the front cover of your exam book.
  • Sign the candidate pledge inside the front cover. Do not remove the candidate pledge card.
  • Essay answers must be written in English.
  • Each essay question consists of one or more parts (A, B, C, etc.). Some parts direct you to write your answer in a template. Instructions in bold print immediately following the question direct you to the page number of each template. Answer all other questions on the lined page(s) following the question. For these questions, label each part of your answer clearly (A, B, C, or i, ii, iii, etc.).
  • Answers on question pages will not be graded. You may make marks and notes on the question pages.


I imagine some of my answers in the final 3rd of the exam may have looked like they were written in a foreign language…

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Your friend is an imbecile who was probably too hungover/drunk to read his paper properly.

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so according to you, one should choose friends based on formal exam results because that is a real proxy for interesting succesfull people?

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