AM calculation questions

Working through mocks like crazy. I have a doubt regarding the questions where it says calculate bla, show your calculations:

  1. Should you quote the original formula as basis for your calculations (CAPM for example with the placeholders, such as R=Rf+beta(ERP)). Or do you get right to the point, plugging in the numbers from the case without showing the basic formulas?

  2. Do you just show your calculation with the end result underlined or do you add a statement saying “The expected portfolio return is bla percent.”?

Basic questions, but I am trying to cut my answers to the bone to save time on the AM part.

Thanks for your help.

best, nestor

show the formula tell the grader you know what you are trying to do

then even if you mess up a number and put something wrong - depending on the situation - you could earn partial credit