AM Exam (dunce question)

Hi guys, apologies for my ignorance; just trying to get 100% straight in my head what will be cropping up on the AM exam.

Can I assume that whilst all the questions appeared to be labelled with 'Portfolio Management - … ’ that in reality any of the CFAI Curriculum material in the books (apart from Ethics) could still be tested in some sort of format?

I.e. I guess what I’m trying to say is, will there be some stuff in the CFAI books that will only come up on the PM exam, other than Ethics?

Thanks as always guys!

It’s highly unlikely GIPS will appear in the AM. That means two Ethics item sets and one GIPS item set in the PM.


Also, sorry…does anyone have any advice on how to mark your own Past Paper attempts based on the guideline answers? Especially if you get the answer wrong but you’re trying to give out marks for workings etc?

Or is it really just try to guesstimate just what the hell they’ll give out?


Even if you got the answer wrong, you can give yourself a few points if you got the formulas correct. Better to grade yourself harder than the graders will. Will force you to work carefully and focus on your weak spots more.

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