AM Exam Scoring

How are you all scoring your AM practice exams? Are you giving equal weight to each question and component of each question? Obviously we want to match the institute scoring system when judging our practice.


Intuition mostly. You’ll find that the responses always divide evenly into the points most of the time, except for circle items which usually seem to be worth one point. So if a question has 3 circle items and 3 explain written items for each circled item, and the question is worth 9 points, it’s 1 point for each circle and 2 for each explanation.

I have no idea how they determine partial credit though, so I rarely give it to myself.

I think if you purchased one of Kaplan’s packages, they published 2010-2015 AM papers videos. They walk though every question in terms of strategies and scoring part. That is what I am using to score mine and learn as well.

Of course, like JayWill said, we know each step basically has a point at least.