AM exam topic analysis

Has anyone prepared a topic analysis of the AM exam from lets say 10 years ago and identified which topics in particular subjects have been heavily tested over the years?

IFT has the breakdown here:

no analyst but you can go at it

I saw this article at a couple weeks back and came away with some insights. The analysis only pertains to general topics though so there isn’t too much to conclude, although it helps to see where topics tend to be tested as far as AM or PM. Link below:

Even if one did, that isn’t necessarily relevant as each year is independent of another, especially since they tweak the material from year to year. There’s nothing from stopping CFAI from completely changing it up this year or any year. In short, if you’re trying to figure out if you should focus on some topics more than others, that isn’t necessarily a winning strategy.

That all said, in looking at the old exams, one can glean that Ethics and GIPS were the least tested in general in the AM. Topics relating to Individual and Institutional Portfolio Management seemed popular as well as Economics and Risk Management. All the other topics were pretty fair game in any given year.

thanks for all the input guys. appreciate it. glhf