AM Grading? How exact do answers need to be?

The question asked for 6 due diligence checkpoints for alternative assets. I answered like this:

  1. Evaluate the people.

  2. Evaluate Organization

  3. Review Records

  4. Evaluate support staff that support the business.

  5. Document review process

  6. Evaluate Alpha generation process.

The list provided in schweser is:

  1. Asses the market opportunity offered

  2. Asses the investment Process

  3. Asses the organization

  4. Assess the people

  5. Asses the terms and structure of the investment

  6. Assess service providers

  7. Review Documents

  8. Write-Up.

How would you grade this? Do we need to be exact in terms of wording? Would I only get partial credit for most as they are not “exact”?

Time is ticking!

you can get partial credit. its a black box on how many partial points you actually get since its basically graded by multiple people. your best bet is just try to hit as many of thr “perfect” answer points you can.