AM had 10 Questions?? unlike prior 3 years

Am section had 10 Qstns unlike 2013, 2014 and 2015. Probably, that is why many guys finished with time to spare.

That said, I used an ‘unerasable pen’… will they grade my exam???

The number of total “questions” hardly has anything to do with how much time it takes to complete the exam, considering each has sub-parts. It’s completely irrelevant. I think some prior AM sessions had 9 questions and I don’t remember finishing those any quicker.

Time was still an issue for many candidates like it always is.

Ok - now I’m freaked out. We weren’t supposed to use regular ink pens?

you’re screwed…

But, was the number ‘10’??

They wanted us to use ‘erasable’ pen… Mine was ‘unerasable’… so I kept cancelling things instead of erasing.

I just dont where on earth, one wqould get time to erase… cancelling is easy…

hehehehe… it’s like I mind it… whether ‘erasable’ or ‘unerasable’??? at least, I wrote the exam…

Of course they will grade your exam. It’s not like they’re going to test whether you used an erasable pen by trying to erase anything in your exam book.

I stupidly showed up to the second half with my erasable pens thinking those would be allowed on the PM section. When I asked for clarification about it she went and consulted some manual then came back and loudly said out “your exam will not be graded if it’s not done in pencil.” So a guy in front of me hooked me up with a pencil.

I asked before the exam and the lady confirmed either or… but no ink (they also announced this at the beginning)

Email from CFAI on Friday, June 3 –

Dear XXXXXX, Thank you for contacting us about your upcoming exam. We do not have a list of pens which are or aren’t permissible. If we can read your answers, they will be graded. For the Level III essay exam, we strongly recommend you use an erasable ballpoint pen (black/blue ink) or a pencil. Other types of pens can bleed through pages, obscuring anything you have written on the reverse page, as well as create leaks that may make your responses hard to read. In addition, some types of pen smear easier than ballpoint pens. We recommend erasable ink so that you may erase your response on the designated page in the event you wish to re-write your answer. If you choose to use a non-erasable pen, you are permitted to strike through answers you do not want graded. I hope this is helpful. If you need further assistance, please respond to this email or call us at +1 (434) 951-5499. Toll free numbers can be found on our contact us page. Best regards,


Thank you so much!!!

Thank you. I feel better now. I don’t think I’ve ever used an erasable ink pen for anything.

I feel you… I actually started writing with those erasable pens but given that I never use them, my handwriting was crap… 5mins into the exam, I pulled out my ‘unerasable pen’… that gave me satisfaction…

I wish i had the power to turn back time and could use an erasable pen. JBJ can you grant me this wish?

so i definitely feel like an idiot asking this question… but are you guys saying that the ACTUAL previous AM CFA portions were available for us to study?

Jackie Bradley Jr?

Go Sox


I don’t know how to answer this. Dude.

lol… are you trolling right now? Ok, I’ll bite… CFAI provides the actual morning session of the exams and guideline answers for the previous three years to help prepare you for the exam…

We actually got four this year! 2012-2015 were all available.

Marc from LevelUpBootcamps provides every exam question since like 2001 for candidates to prepare as part of his materials. I did every single essay question in the book that he gave us, and some twice. I think the fact that smart prep providers are doing this is the reason CFAI isn’t going to give the tests out to the general public anymore.