Am I a CFA level1 candidate?

I am confused as to what “CFA level 1” candidate menas. Does it mean someone taking a CFA level 1 exam, or does it mean someone who passed the exam? I am taking the exam in December. Am I called a CFA level1 candidate? Thanks!

Standard VII: Responsibilities as a CFA Institute Member or Candidate (B): Reference to CFA Institute, the CFA Designation, and the CFA Program If you’re a candidate, I suggest you re-read this section and learn it. If you’re not a candidate, well, you might still need to know this eventually… But are you a candidate? I guess you’ll have to re-read it to find out. Start on p. 135 (p. 147 of the PDF) Happy hunting, oh, and welcome to AF.

think about what a “candidate” means…

Thanks guys! Yeah, I thought Level 1 candidate means someone attending the program, but just could not find a defnition in Schweser notes (Something that I exclusively follow). I guess I will have to study the CFAI meterial at least for ethics.