AM I BEHIND??????????

What I have to finish: Econ - last 4 readings Quant - Hypothesis Ethics - maded flash cards Fin St- the last 2 readings derivative/alt investments - all I am a bit concern that I might not have enough time to finish all. Any advice on how to tackle ethics and the rest would be much appreciated. Thanks! PS. AM I BEHIND???

At this stage you are behind in the game. You should be just about done with the readings and ready to review. Hit up the schweser man, I know you’ll be okay.

I don’t think you are behind - you could very easily complete those readings with a weeks worth of solid work and then spend the rest of the time reviewing and doing questions. Keep faith and best of luck.

I wish I was in your shoes!

Guys - remember, being behind is largely how much info you have retained and can apply, not necessarily how much you have read. If you are scoring 80% on Q bank / Passmaster for the last 14 sessions you read, and need to read 4 more study sessions vs Have read 100% of the readings, but getting 50% on Q bank / Passmaster, this person is definitely further behind. No one can know how ahead or behind you really are until the rubber meets the road on these practice exams. Practice, practice, practice! :wink:

Thanks guys… BUT WORK IS KILLING ME… I have a bunch of valuations and reports to push out + CFA studying… this is crazy!!!

push it bro, hit that red bull up late night