Am I doing it right?

Hello to all fellow boarders,

First things first: I am working full time (75 hours a week). Started my prep around November.

I have almost completed my first reading of schweser. (Read Econ and FRA from curriculum)

When I was reading the materials I could do the all the EOC’s with 90% accuracy. But now after two and a half months later i see that i could not do many of the questions. Reason : I forgot.

The questions which test the overall understanding opf the topics are okay with me but the questions which asks formulas and all makes me mad. I just couldn’t remember most of them.

I want your suggestions on how to proceed from here.

Should i continue doing questions or should i read the entire thing again? Also i have a very bad habit of not making notes. I hate making notes.

I travel four hours daily which I try to utilise by watching schweser videos.

Any suggestions are welcome.

And what’s your study plan and how much of it is still left to cover?

If you’ve already done first pass, you’re in great shape. I’d start with reviewing the end of chapter summaries. Then go to answering questions. Start with the CFA EOC ones. REview where you got wrong. Then use Schweser ones (particularly if you have their question bank). Do 2-3 readings a week. Once you’re 4-6 weeks out, do a mock exam each weekend. Then review where you have problems.

At this point, the key is answering questions & working problems. Research shows that this is the best way to review and learn- it forces deeper cognitive involvement and makes stronger memory connections.

Hey busprof . That helped… I have the schweser Qbank and will start next week.