Am i eligible for CFA with 2 years bachelors degree ?

Hello everyone, i have recently completed my bachelors degree and i would like to go for CFA.

I looked at Official Website of CFA, it says the requirement for addmission in CFA is a bachelors degree or 4 years work experience in finance.

so 1st of all i have no experience at all in any financial or any accountancy firm, and my bachelors degree is also not 3 or 4 years, its actually 2 years degree.

i have done this degree in my country Pakistan and its in commerce, however now i live in UK and want to study more and i have decided i should go for CFA.

Can anyone please tell me does CFA accept 2 years bachelors degree ? if not is there any other quilification they accept ? just like AAT ?

because if i top up my degree in uk this would cost me £12,000.

so defiintely im not going to spend that much money.

your advices would be appriciable.


Umar Altaf

If the bachelors degree meets international accredited standards, then there should be no problem. However, a 2 year degree sounds like what in the US would be considered an Associates degree rather than a Bachelors degree. If you have a high school system that produces widely superior HS graduates, it’s conceivable that there isn’t as much college required to meet international baccelaureate standards. Pakistan doesn’t jump out in my mind as one of those countries that has wonderful high school training (as the UK and Germany does), but I don’t know the details of the Pakistani system, so perhaps I’m wrong there.

So I think you need to write to CFA and ask if a bachelors degree from your particular school will qualify. The actual amount of time in school shouldn’t matter so much as long as the BS/BA degree is from an appropriately accredited institution.

i have rung them today morning to make it sure, the woman on the phone said to me i should register online and pay the registration fee, so if they consider my degree is not meeting there requirement they will let me know.

the problem is why the heck i pay money to register, she didn’t even know herself.

Well, presumably you want to register before the fees go up in price, which may be soon. You pay less if you register early.

Call them and make sure that if they say no to your school, you’ll get reiumbursed for your registration fees. Otherwise you may want to look at your own university and try to find out who the accrediting organization is before deciding.

I’m pretty sure they would reimburse you if they deny you based on experience - but it’s best to check first.

yes its a better idea, im actually not going to apear in class this year, its probably next year.

and thanks a lot for your replies.

When the $$$ comes in, they’ll find a loophole somewhere.

Umar could you please update us about what happened ? I have a similar issue I have done B.Com(2yr. prog.) from KU Pakistan and I dont have any experience as well … Am I eligible for CFA?

I’d be really disappointed if the Institute was accepting 2 year programs. That’s barely a diploma where I’m from.

I actually doubt they would accept a 2 year program as it really does sound more like what is referred to as an Associates degree in the US, which is way less than a Bachelors degree.

It’s all about the $$$.