Am I in trouble

Done : Ethics, quants, 25 % economics, 75 % FRA

To do : lot more

Days left : 50

Ghosh, Seems will be lot busy in work in coming days…

To be frank, you are.

Remember Equity is a big portion and Derivatives is not too easy too. If I were you, I would try to get the maximum out of FRA, Equity, Ethics and Quants. Get yourself to a stage where you are confident of a 70+ in these, then you are good.

But make sure you read the rest as well… All the best.

And spend lot less time in social sites, including AF. Come to AF to refresh yourselves, answer a few questions, ask a few questions…

To be frank - not necessarily

I would say it depends on how much spare time you got. If you can study 8 hours a day you should be fine. If you work during the week it might get a little tough but I think it’s absolutely doable.

I too need the right amount of pressure and panic to get going therefore doing everything in the last moment but that’s how I got through University and it worked just fine for me.

How much time do you expect to spend per day?

I totally agree with Sooraj, just try to ace the big five: fra, ethics, quant, equity and fixed income. Fixed income IMHO is not too hard to understand + it’s straight forward. This will be tough my friend, but nothing is impossible. You’ll have to give-up some sleep if you really want to pass. Don’t skip any material though… Read everything but if you can get 70+ out of these 5, and somewhere between 50-70 on the rest you’ll be just fine. Don’t give up !! Good luck.

I’m done up to about 50% of FRA, so I’m feeling the crunch pretty good too. However, even working full time I’ll be able to finish the readings end of first week of November, then two weeks w/work and one week of vacation to revise. If you can do something similar you’ll be fine. But I’m studying every day after work for about 5 hours, and as much as I can on weekends. I haven’t been scheduling hours of studying so much as finish X number of Los before bed. I’ve been up late more than once for that :stuck_out_tongue:

I am doomed :P. I am getting engaged this december my gf dont give me much time lol…may be june 2013 now…but still give a try thanks every one…

Now next post me for questions

50 days 5 hours every day: may be 300 hours more

50 days is a lot of time…If you’re intelligent you’ll be fine.