Am I job hopping?

How long do you stay at a job before applying to another one within the same company? I’ve been a performance analyst for just over a year now and an equity Assistant PM has opened up. I’d probably get it if I applied


I would kind of screw my current department.

Please advise, hive mind- am I job hopping?

I wouldn’t call that job hopping unless you’ve been changng roles every other year… You are kinda screwing your current department though since they would need to find and train someone to replace you.

Do you think your department would care about screwing you should their budget get tight in the seat?

I woudl tread carefully and approach your boss about the opportunity. no one wants bad blood between teams in the office place. Let your boss know this is your dream job and you’d like to put your name in the mix and you’d like his blessing. unless your boss is a dick, he’s not going to stop someone from reaching their goals.

Bail now.

This is the money answer. If it was another company, CFAvsMBA has the right idea…but…I could be very happy here for the next 5-10 years provided I don’t f$5# it up by pissing people off.

And I have mad skills in pissing people off.

Thanks AF

Whatever you do someone will be butthurt.

Give good notice, help transition and be grateful for the opportunity etc etc

I’d take the first chance I can get to get out of back office broski, like Galli said, whatever you do someone will get their butt hurt, just make it as painless and smooth as possible.

The idea of job-hopping is all relative. How many 5-year segments do you have left in your career? Do you just stay at a crappy job to arbitrarily fill up time so it looks like you were dedicated? Don’t be a slave.

I would apply for the job if I were you. I think providing the 2-weel notice period once you get another offer is good enough. As CvM put it, your company wouldn’t hesitate to cut you if business conditions called for it.

By giving 2 weeks, at least the company has time to replace you.

Treat your boss like an oath. Till death do you apart

companies don’t give a sht about employees. If they did care about you a lot, trust me, they would make you happy.

Don’t feel bad about moving to a better place that values you more.