Am i lagging far behind with poor progress?

Hi everyone

I have started reading Scheweser notes and also looking at IFT videos since 10th December. Two weeks have passed and i am able to just complete Economics and Alternative Investments. I am feeling I am lagging far behind and my progress is too slow. Actually i have resumed CFA L2 after a gap of many years and touching 43 years already. I want to ask from all what is the standard completion per section. I am devoting 3-4 hours daily on weekdays. I cannot study on weekends because of family and kids.

Please kindly note that I am also doing Sh. Qbank and CFAI EOC questions.

Secondly, what are the retention techniques should i follow? I am feeling that I am not able to retain much. Qbank and EOC helping but i am not confident right now.

Please advise.

i started 2 days ago…youre not behind…keep going

The earliest I ever started studying was just after Valentines Day. So studying in December is not lagging behind as far as I’m concerned.

Hi, you’re not lagging behind, just keep studying. Regarding retention techniques I recommend you to take notes, you’ll help your brain remember. Good luck

2 weeks and you already covered AI and Econ? Dude, you are not lagging.

Whatever you do, dont go near Qbank of any third party provider when you have ample practice questions available in EOCs, Blue Box examples and online qbank of CFAI. Only way to retain is to practice from these sources multiple times even if you know answers. Knowing why any answer is wrong is as important as knowing why any answer is correct. Dont underestimate Blue Box examples as you may see many questions especially quantitative style comes from BBs. Practicing multiple times will make your flow stronger during the exam pressure. Dont leave the online qbank for the last, attempt the questions as you complete relevant sections for better retention and revise again in the end. Keeping in view of your scenario and the fact that you are reading notes not curriculum along with IFT videos, you also need to accelerate because lvl2 is a giant and Economics and AI are comparatively easy topics.

Good Luck!!!


Thanks everyone. I will follow your valuable suggestions.

Not at all. I started L2 in December and didn’t finish the first book until end of March. Then I spent 2 months to finish 5 books, left 1 month for review…Then I passed. If doing it all over again I’d say, as far as you start before the NY it’s never too late. But studying with questions in mind and treat the study as a way to answer them is more important than worrying about schedule. Good luck!

How did you manage to do 5 books in 2 months? What study materials did you use? How many hours per week did you do on average?

Take the printout of lecture slides and make your own notes on it so that you don’t need to read books again and again. I’m following the same technique and it’s quite working for me to retain much of the concepts.

Just finished with Portfolio Management, its very detailed, deep and comprehensive. I have done it using lecture videos and notes followed by practice problems and questions, however, i am finding extremely challenging to retain the material. I guess because of my age…Can you please let me know retention techniques…i have serious problem here…

Appreciate a lot …

Just a word on my study timings. It’s 2:32 A.M. (time) here. I am on my study table since 12:00 and now exhausted. Can’t stretch more as I have office to attend to, which is very demanding. At this age of 43, with two kids, I have very tight schedule and can only study after my kids go to bed…Despite working hard I am unable to retain much of the material…please let me know what should i do to improve retention…

I use Kapan Schweser for prep and it is very condense and does a great job of summarizing the material, i.e. good enough to answer all of CFA’s EOC questions. I suggest you get Kaplan if you’re not using it already. Your best bet to pass Level 2 is to use a prep provider (because of your time constraint) and do as many questions as possible. EOCs, blue boxes, CFA topic tests, mocks, and so on. Remember level 2 is more analytical than conceptual, so practice is very important. We have more than 150 days left, if you study on average 2 hours a day, you should be able to pass (based on what other candidates have said).

Hi there

I am still waiting for feedback regarding retention techniques - anyone can shed a light and experience on this and provide me solution.

If you don’t believe in retaining things through lot of practice then you can apply several techniques as explained in this link: If this fails too then as a last resort use any numbing spray before studying. Retention through practice works for me though!

have you tried getting up earlier to study rather than stay up late? I found myself getting up at 4:45 to study a few hours before the kids got up. Then at night I’d just do some light things like note cards and some questions before going to bed at a decent time. I found that I was retaining things better by using the morning vs. late night after a long day. Good luck