Am I nuts?

So, I signed up for the CFA Level 1 exam of December 2008 last week, recieved my books last Thursday, and started studying on Friday (5 days ago). With 107 days left to the exam, and I delusional to think I might actually pass? what would be the most optimal way for me to study? any and all suggestions are welcome…

you can pass. just get to it, drink red bull, shut your cell phone off on weekends, and keep going. if you have a fin/acct background, you have better odds.

3 months is enough to pass. Just study hard.

Seriously this is doable. Do 1.5 study session per week and you will still have time to review… Balls to the wall tho, if you get tired just bump out some push-ups and get back to it! (my personal wake up routine)

I dont have an accounting backgroung…just math ( B.Sc Math)

Do you smoke??

I too have just started studying. Background is legal so starting from the bottom. Am going to hammer through the study sessions, then review once doing all practice questions, then review again and do as many practice exams as I have time for. I am not going out much between now and december!

Many of us rely on Schweser in the time crunch. You may wish to look into that option.

No worries, I won’t be starting till beginning of September. Although, it will be round 2 as I gave a crack at the June exam. Am I nuts?

if you dont have an accounting / finance background youre going to really have to put in the hours to pass FSA just take on the ‘im screwed’ mentality and maybe that will push you to studying enough hours to pass, as it might be a longshot to learn basic finance terminology and then the CFA topics all in a couple months

i punch myself in the face to keep myself awake while reading FSA. maybe i should just chew on a few ritalyn instead. but everybody else probably isn’t in as bad shape as me… ps… only a bs math background here

read schweser…i did it in 3 months