Am I on track?

Hello - First time poster here. I am a L1 first time candidate and trying to asses my prep level for this exam in December. My undergrad degree was in IT, so much of the Finance and Quant stuff is new to me. I have studied pretty hard, however because I found the CFA material far to wordy and complex, I have started to rely more on the Schweser materials. I find them to be easier to understand and build a base for someone who has not covered this material before. I am using the QBank through Schweser as well and have found it very helpful. After putting in around 30 hours a week for the last 4 weeks, my confidence level is rising quickly, however I am wondering if the Schweser QBank is a reliable indicator of success for level one. I have heard that the questions are not as tough as the real exam, however if I can get through the entire QBank and practice exams scoring in the 90’s, do you think I am on track to pass L1? Thanks much!

I think you are definitely on track. I’d also suggest participating in discussions on this forum. There are a lot of experts from different fields here.

Thanks, looking forward to being a part of this forum and community~