Am I on track?

Hi All

Just looking for some guidance regarding CFA progression. I am using Schweser videos and notes.

Topics completed (including answering all questions in schweser and doing BB and EOC in official):

  1. Derivatives

  2. Fixed Income

  3. Corporate Finance

Currently doing Equity.

My goal was to have the whole month of May for review. Is this still realistic?

I’d say you are doing fine.

I’d pick up the pace a little bit. Need longer than a month for review.

Thanks for responses so far.

I work full time however will be taking the last week off before the exam.

Do you think this is enough time to review or will I still need more?

I think you are doing great. I’m finishing Fixed income this week and plan to finish all the Schweser material by the end of March. April and May will be fully dedicated to review the major topics. I’m doing all the Schwever exercises and also the practice problems from the Curriculum … i think i’m a little bit slow. Sometimes the motivation runs away from me … it’s Summer and Sunny in Rio, it’s very hard to get concentrated in my studies, especially on weekends …