Am I ready...

I have done quite a few problems and completed version 1 of CFAI Samples last week and scored 78%, I just finished version 3 of CFAI Samples and scored 73%. I only took two due to work and time constraints. I found the version 3 to be much tougher but I reasoned thru a good bit of it and I am convinced if they ask another regression question I will just guess and move on. So am I ready? I plan on reading thru the items I missed and reviewing the GIPS Standards and Ethics so I can get the give aways. I just wish the version 3 had come back at 90% or something, that would make me a whole lot more comfortable. TIA

I started studying for the first time today… Trying to read as fast as possible. I don’t know much about finance or math yet. I did however buy a stock once (Delta Air) but the next day the shares were canceled and went to 0. Do you think I can make it?

I am not really sure what that resulted from, do you think that i just started studying last week? I have been studying since July. I just recently took a couple of the sample exams…

I’m just kidding widespread. I wasn’t saying anything about you, just making fun of myself.

A 78% on 1 and a 73% on 3 put you in the range of people who have a good shot of passing based on June’s results. There are no guarantees and you need to be sharp on Saturday but if nothing bad happens you will probably pass.

Thanks joey, i will keep my nose to the grindstone.