Am I right, no REGRESSION ANALYSYS in Quant 2008??!! That's great!

Hi, I took level one last week, but I honestly don’t think I passed because of poor time management during the exam. I was just looking at the quant secion LOS outline on the CFAI website, and I do not see REGRESSION ANALYSIS. Am I right? If so, that’s great. thanks, Yancey

yancey, you appear to be correct. I don’t see any regression LOS in LI SS2 or SS3. Lucky for you that LII is chalk-full of regression :slight_smile: I’ll spare you the specific LOS, but here are the reading titles. Reading 11: Correlation and Regression Reading 12: Multiple Regression and Issues in Regression Analysis Reading 13: Time-Series Analysis

That does sound brutal. Of course I’d rather be studying for L11, but honestly, because of poor time management during the exam, I don’t think I passed last week.

yancey, try not to fret over it, maybe you passed. If not, just think of it as a relatively pricey practice exam. Shore up your understanding of the LOS and test-taking skills so you’ll crush it in June '08, leaving you a bit of a break before diving into LII for June '09. Sorry to kill your enthusiasm about regression being removed from LI, just too tempting :slight_smile:

wow, quant for L2 looks like a lot of fun to get through. I totally expected some misspecification analysis, dummy vars, multicollinearity, correcting heteroskedasticity with robust errors, etc but really did they have to throw in so much time-series analysis, considering they’ve never even talked about regressions before (assuming the new curriculum)? Weird.

in my Schweser class, they said regression going forward will be strictly a L2 topic. I didn’t even bother to study it except for the basics with coeff. of determination and the basic equation for the December exam. So I suspect we can almost count on a multiple regression item set at L2. Neat.