Am I Screwed?

Literally just started. Will be studying from Curriculum.

Have 4 mths and some days to go.

Fulltime studying, not working.

L1 and L2 would be SOO do-able in this case but L3? Do-able? Am I in hot waters?

Not hot.

Tepid, but warming.

Stop messing about on the internet and start studying.

If you had a full time job, family and other commitments, I’d say you may have a tough time. Able to study full time? No problem if you can stay on track. 40 hours a week between today and exam date is plenty of time. Better get to work!

In your favor, the Level 3 materials are shorter. And this year the exam is 3 weeks later than usual. I passed Level 3 last year, and I think it’s pretty doable to pass if starting now.

You can do 20-25 hours a week of studying, right? There are about 18 weeks left.

I did this with a real job and two small kids. You should be able to do it.

I think you can do it. Of course I have a job and started studying in October. I have yet to do any of the online questions, just end of chapter stuff. Some chapters (Study Sessions) are definitely easier than others. I’m not sure if the hardest material is also the heaviest weighted, I just try to keep getting through about a Study Session a week.

My tip is you can easily make it. Also, I would not spend too much time reading the materials. Other people might have another view on that but I don’t see the point of spending weeks/ or months reading the materials. Instead I like to to a quick review and jump straight into the questions.

So far I have looked through all the topics and I think the contents is pretty manageable. Some topics like Economics have struck me however as being surprisingly difficult though. I haven’t looked too much into Derivatives so I cannot comment on that.

I think you will easily be fine if you get started now.

Is this a joke?

Not at all. Its 124 days from today. 4 hours a day is 496 hours. Its doable.

I found level II more challenging than III. If you think you’d have no problem with Level II in this timeframe, I’d think Level III would be very doable.

I found Level III double more challenging than Level II in my case.

You aren’t working. That alone gives you 35-50 hours of extra time per week than 90% of people.

If ppl who work full time can pass it, why can’t you?

4 months of full time studying is more than enough time as long as you allocate 5-6 hours each day. Having the luxury of not working also means you won’t be too stressed out. When I was taking the exams I’d be lucky if I can consistently study for 2 hours per day during the weekday. On some days I just felt so drained after work that I couldn’t study anymore.

Get a job and become a productive member of society.