Am I the only one?

How is everyone else doing on the schweser mocks?

It seems like as if there is a million ways to ask a question? So you have to know this material conceptually. But how are poeple scoring and how much are the guessing on these mock exams. I don think i wil get all this material in time. :frowning:

Suggest you use the Schweser performance tracker (goes with the subscription). If you score is average or above average, you’re doing rather well, if you score far below average, maybe you’ll be a retaker next year.

No, you are definiately not the only one… I have put in lot of time into studying already but still it seems like a huge syllabus which can’t be mastered easily… not scoring good enough on mocks… but its not the time to think about all this… suggest you to just focus on studies… practice FRA and Ethics well… do as much as u can… n do ur best… thats all we can do at this point…

100% is impossible. grab as many as you can, and pray you crawl past the MPS