AM interview

Hi Guys,

I’m interviewing with a major asset manager (top 10 in terms of assets). I have been told to prepare a stock pitch. Wondered if you guys had any advice on how to structure this?

I’m thinking of doing it like this:

Basic thesis based on where I see things going on a macro level + company level

What I think that will mean to earnings growth and multiple expansion

Then be prepared to answer a barrage of questions. Wondered if you guys had any advice?

Long-only? Hedge Fund?

Outline: Intro to biz Basic metrics Why it’s misvalued What will correct the mispricing Upside / downside Why it’s timely now There is no objectively best pitch format but that is as good start

Also, good luck

Well, what stock are you going with?

Thanks Bromion!

Bromion killed it. Also, I would recommend not speaking too long (so you do not have a chance to put your foot in your mouth).

Also, be careful if they hold the stock you’re pitching, or someone from their peer group. Could really open a can of worms. That is all.

You want to be an ass man now?

Read the articles in my signature like your competitors are doing. You should be reading these articles early and often as you prepare for your buy-side recruiting.