AM part a Stickler??

Congrats to all who passed!!!

Based on all the post, the AM part seems to be quite a challenge. I have seen a few that recommend to get as many AM past exams as possible. Anyone has these and willing to share?


The previous 3 years will be available on the CFAI website. You can get others using mosiac theory.

AM is always a challenge, there are specific answers and time constraints to work through. If you look at the results (this year or past years) few people due exceptionally well on the AM.

The best advice I got regarding the level 3 exam is survive the AM and crush the PM.

The CFAI posts the prior 3 years AM exams on their website.

More important is to remeber that AM is not much about Portfolio Mgmt, rather Time Mgmt. I could not answer 5 questions!!! worse part was i knew how to answer them but poorly managed my time. still managed to pass

You should download those exams today.

Thank you all for the advice. Appreciate your help. Saved the exams of the CFAI website. Congrats again on passing the exam!!