AM question: multiple answers

Sorry if this question has been aksed many time. In the morning session (essay), if the question ask you to state 2 reasons for something, what happen if you give 3 or 4 reasons?

They will take into account only the first 2 answers or they will search for 2 corrects out of the 3-4 you gave? I guess it is the former right? So it means that you need to give a hierarchy to your answer and only write the 2 that you think are the most important right?

can you be penalised for giving more if the first 2 are correct and the third one false? Is there actually any benefit of giving more answers than requested or only downside?

thanks I’m a bit confused on the marking system rules

If the question asks for two justifications and you write down four only the first two will be graded. They won’t mark you down for the other two superflous answers. You’re wasting valuable time if you write down four answers. Just follow the directions.

Ok thanks so the 2 most important then

^No, not the “2 most important” – instead, write down the 2 justifications that you feel most confident are “correct”.

Only the first two bullet points will be graded, even if those were wrong and you wrote later 2 more points (correct ones) those won’t be graded.