AM Section Disasters

My AM section was a real disaster, all except one was below 50. Contrastingly, my AM section went quite well, could it be a possibility that (i) my answers were not graded because i wrote in pencil (ii) i wrote in the wrong section of the answer book let or is it just me.

Anyone else in the same boat?

You feedback will come in handy for 2013.

it’s not the pencil, pencil is fine.

if all except one was below 50, it was def not the pencil. they wouldnt mark one section over another

Up until a week before the exam, I was thinking I would use pencil. But then I decided that, as a grader, I personally would prefer the answers stand out, so I went out and bought the brightest blue pen I could find. I passed, so I’m happy I made that choice.

try frixion pens, I love them. They are erasable. You can find them at Staples and other fine retailers

If you did below 50% in the AM and did well in the PM, you likely did not answer the questions in the correct location and thus they were not graded. It sucks and is something they should probably change, but the exam clearly states to answer in the lined pages and/or template provided.

pen vs pencil dosn’t matter, they grade both.

Period. This has been beaten over and over. They ACCEPT BOTH.

People, stop looking for excuses to justify a failure. Failiure = not prepared well enough

used pencil and passed.