AM session practice papers from CFAI

hi all, i just passed the level 2 exam and was curious to know where can we find AM session past papers from CFA Institute because from from ive heard the CFAI mock only has PM session item set questions…and the link in this thread…

…doesnt work anymore (naturally because its a year old)

Thanks in advance.

After registering for LIII, you will gain access to the previous 3 years of AM session exams at

you can find older exams online - i don’t think it’s illegal right?

but obviously put more emphasis on recent exams.

good luck!

You know I am! (Depending on results come 8/6). Impossible to start too early – waiting is for slackers, brah :confused:

A little googling and you can find a decades worth of material. I went back to 2008 for my studying.