AM vs PM ...what are my chances??


The exam was very easy both PM and AM part.I went through extensive preparation doing schweswer q bank,schweser volumes,finquiz mocks,schweser mocks,CFAI EOCs etc…I nailed PM and will be shocked if did not get 50/60…However i left 2 questions untouched in AM due to time management…Do i still stand a chance to pass?If i get 50% in AM and 80% in PM?

I am wondering if studying so much for L3 was worth it…Paper was really simple…I think instead of doing q bank i could have used that time to practice “writing Am mocks again”…

They were not testing my knowledge or intelligence in AM…They just wanted to test my writing speed…

I would say the majority will be same. 50% AM and 80% in the afternoon.

I would say the majority will be same. 50% AM and 80% in the afternoon.

If you got 50 % AM and 80 % PM I think you are likely to pass.

Hope we all pass…But i am really not happy about the way CFA tested AM…I know every material inside out for CFA3 and CFA tested me on my writing speed…I dont think writing “fast” makes you a good investor…

if you get 50%AM 80%PM I think you’re on the edge. I think I will get similar score and I am not too confident about passing…

In exactly the same boat, struggled with time pressure rather than content in the AM. However time management and being organized and how fast you can generate concise answers are important factors in how well you know the content. Despite knowing this beforehand I still didn’t execute it in the exam which is disappointing I’m thinking 60 AM and 70-75 PM and most likely fail

Rahul how comes just 50% in AM ?

left 2 questions unanswered…

You mean 2 whole questions??? Like 7&8 or you mean 2 subquestions like a&b?? I left 3 subquestions I think…

For your reference, I left 2 whole questions in a exam simulation made by my employer and I got 54%. Hope we are passed!

half of question 3/4 and full question 10

Dude I’m in the same place. I thought I did well on the PM section but I left 3 entire sections blank for the AM section (yes, 3 whole questions!). Material was more than fair, but I thought the time allotted to some of the sub questions was a bit extreme. You legitimately have to keep answers very shallow and write incredibly fast to make it through the entire exam.

This is 65% overall. It is a pass.

Felt pretty similar to you about Saturday. I do feel better about my chances after this exam compared to prior CFA exams, maybe better prepared or a bit lucky in this regard. Don’t want to be over confident here but I’m optimistic to say the least.

  • Confident that I scored > 50/60 in the afternoon (even got lucky on 2 on Qs I was unsure of and sort of guessed on).

  • Was also shocked at perhaps the combination of the simplicity of the AM exam and the difficulty in finishing under the time constraints. I had written something for every question but definitely was BSing 15-20 points in the AM portion.

  • Really didn’t spend much time in AM test “thinking” it was much more of a mad dash to write the answers to questions. Likely should have practiced writing at a faster pace as well.

  • Used a simple chronograph watch to count “lap” times for the 11 morning item sets and afternoon items sets to help stay on track for time which seemed to help. Although admittedly still very pressed for time in the AM.

RR - if your avg was actually a 65%, you can rest easy because that, my friend, is a passing score. My 40/60/80 was a 60% last yr (failed band 9). One caveat, however: whatever you think you scored in the AM, deduct 15% and that’s most likely what you actually scored. I thought the AM was fairly easy last yr and thought there’s no way I scored <85%…my actual score was roughly a 50-55% in the AM.

It’s disheartening to realize how many little mistakes we make when we are forced to read, think, and write a response to 4hrs worth of questioning in only 3hrs.

hmm my bro passed last year, i estimated his score to be 61%

Willl be interesting to see what 40/60/80 analysis says. link aint working

where have you been hiding RR?

was quite busy…

vicky - what was his score breakdown?

i failed band 9 with a >70% in ethics too. i’d be shocked if a 40/60/80 of 61% passed last yr.

obviously though, the 40/60/80 isn’t completely accurate.

vicky please post his results