AMA at reddit.. .we are chop liver...

Last year, someone from CFAI hosted an AMA (ask me anything) session that answered all kinds of questions about the exam


This year, they are doing it again on 4/17/2019 :


Go there in a few days to get your questions answered from the actual developers of exam. but my question is, why does reddit get special treatment and our forums is chop livar(sic)?!

Hey that’s my birthday.

Since I don’t have a reddit account - can you make sure to ask the question of if I can get away with abbreviations?

Like, for example. can I write the word “AND” by using the & sign? (I’ve become exceptionally proficient at writing this symbol since I began these exams). and can I use “30-yr” to mean “30 year”??

Those are the sorts of things I care about.

is that legit?

Yes you can abbreviate as long as it’s clear and not totally out there. For example, rather than writing $4,000,000 you can write $4M. “&” is definitely appropriate for “and.” That question was asked in the previous year’s reddit post and the dude confirmed it was OK.