Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s got a new product. Check it out on their website.

So far, I’ve been content just to stick with regular old cable, but I’m starting to rethink that, ever since the “Cutting cable” thread.

Any thoughts?

It looks decent. I think the deal breaker for a lot of people is gonna be the gaming component and how good it is.

I haven’t had much time to read about it but internet TV is the way forward. Traditional TV is dead. i’m surprised cable companies aren’t colluding with Disney or some other big player to sue/outlaw Netflix, Lovefilm etc.

I’m too lazy to do all the research and then start having to pull programming from different places, so I’ll just continue to let Verizon charge my CC $184 every month.

Looks like you can get plex (similar to XBMC) on fire tv. Not sure why they haven’t mentioned anything about DLNA (the same thing that lets you watch media from your computer on your PS/XBOX).

it is just absurd that cable hasn’t gone ala carte yet - it would be so much better for customers but i guess they would lose money (or not make as much) if they went that route.

until then i am sticking with DirecTV.


Except I do with that I could watch the Spurs. I’m in the Maverick’s market.

I tried to get NBA League Pass, but I still couldn’t get the Spurs, because for some strange reason, the Spurs have also paid for TV rights in my area. So on League Pass, I can get every team but the Spurs and Mavericks. And on Fox Sports SW, I can watch the Mavericks.

So the only NBA team that I cannot watch is the only one that I’m interested in.

The amazon box doesn’t seem to support lossless audio formats, like FLAC or Apple’s codec. For me that is a deal breaker since my other devices don’t support it, and I like high quality music.

I ended up signing up for Aereo, and while its not perfect, it does exactly what it says it does. HD DVR for air channels streamed from my ipad to apple TV.

Does this work on a non HDTV?

^Looks like it has a HDMI port. So it’d be easy-peasy if your TV has a spare one. You could probably buy a converter if you don’t that will downscale the graphics. Probably.

I have an HDMI port, but I don’t think my tv is HDTV. I’m cheap and refuse to replace my 5 year old set.

^I bought a 32-inch HDTV in 2008. Cost me $900. I thought it was a steal.

Went into Wal-Mart the other day and saw 60-inch ones for about that price.

And if it has an HDMI port, it’s probably HD.

Yep TVs are outrageously cheap these days.

@CFAvsMBA, I can’t say for sure without knowing more about the Amazon Fire and your TV, but I would guess that you’d be fine. Your TV may not be 1080p, but it’s probably at least 720p if it has an HDMI input. Anyway, it probably wouldn’t even matter if it weren’t 720p and just some SD. Most of the TV shows that I’ve downloaded are SD, but had been encoded from an HD signal. They can just downscale it to whatever shows up best on your system (I would guess at least without knowing more about the product).

bloomberg is the official news source/app - im getting 2!

If I could watch more live sports (and HBO) without cable, I would cut it in a heartbeat! Hope that day comes soon.

Anyone getting this thing?