amazon prime day! what you buying!

i spent like 500 bucks!

you likey?

You bought 10 pairs of size 9.5 shoes?

I spent about 200 bucks on me, that shoe and a couple new balance running shoes, a milk frother, candy, new iPhone wallet. 180 bucks on fiance, yoga and work out gear and new balance, 120 bucks on nephew and niece.

i usually spend a g! I will prolly buy a ton more right now. Shit I can gift to people.

what are those

9.5w size shoe is the sign of Filipino upper class genes, as the poor people with narrow feet are evolved to herd animals and low class activities like that. I knew you were a high tier sample bro.

too bad they dont sell class

I thought getting excited about discounts was for the peanut gallery, not for the top-of-the-food chain BSD specimen that one encounters on this forum.

^true true. i get excited for the weirdest things, but it doesnt really take me that long to analyze an item as i have an app. here is my thought proces for shopping.

  1. i focus on number of reviews. i look at that as market sahre. safety in numbers

  2. i then focus on review rating. the higher the better.

  3. the last thing i focus on is price, i have an app actually that tracks prices for items historically and the average price people paid. the bigger the discount, the more i am likely to buy.

also lets calculate the actual damage shopping costs me. well according to last year i spent about 4k on amazon. i prolly spend another 2k outside of amazon not including groceries. so thats about 6k total. i never pay retail. i always make sure i have a discount of at least 25%, on average i’d say its about 35%. so my total retail cost should have been 10k with savings of about 4k.

avg consumer spend about 50 hr shopping per year. i do things online so mine is prolly half that, so lets call it 25 hrs with 4000 in savings thats about $160/hr.

in comparison my active investments are prolly about 150k. its earns roughly 15% or 22.5k per year, i spend maybe an hr a day on tehse individual stocks as a whole and also checking out new stocks and following up on stuffi like so lets just call it 365hrs. so the hourly rate there is rouhgly $60/hr.

anyways ur right over time investmetns will yield a higher hourly rate as the amount of money i have increases and scale allows me to earn more but as of right now. i am not there yet!

i know i am a vulgar person to most. but most people are poor, so i dont really care about their opinion. the idea that 1 person is classy and another isnt is pretty arbitrary and is prolly bred from jealousy. old rich hating on new rich kind of thing. in short, imho, money defines class, not the other way around.

Yuck, who cares about the opinion of poor people!

You need to get to know your prices on everything brah. Never pay full price for anything!

damn compounding only at 15%, plz seek free tune-up from ohai. tanks

i mean bitcoin compounded his wealth by 155% per year. does that mean you should follow it igor?

No need to get defensive

So much salt in this threas. We all need to get together for some friendly Dota/Pubg, or just roll new chara in WoW classic in august amirite?

LOL, have you tried this?

So $200 on Nerdy stuff, and $180 on yoga pants for fiance. So basically $380 for Nerdy and $120 for assorted family.

This Year’s Amazon Prime Day! the total cost of Nerdy’s Shopping is roughly the same at $529.
I give my fiance money now as gifts since she owes me about 2k. lol. gave her 300 on her bday cuz her family was struggling during covid. maybe 100 for christmas this year.
Anyways within the Prime Shopping:
we spent 140 on her family as gifts
150 for christmas gift for my family. we do secret santa. too many of us.
100 bucks on my niece and nephew. kids get presents no matter what.
and the rest on stuff we needed on the house. like lingerie.

oh wow what size do you wear?

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shoulda bought QQQJ instead