Amazon vs YouTube....for music

Anybody have an opinion? I’m thinking about subscribing to one or the other.

Why not Spotify or pandora

With pandora, you can’t listen to an entire album. And you can’t pick a song. You just pick a “station” and hope you like what comes on. I want to be able to listen to Use Your Illusion 2 (for example).

(Off topic - its a crying shame that “estranged” didn’t make it to GnR’s greatest hits. One of the worst decisions ever.)

I don’t know anything about Spotify.

I’m open to other suggestion, though.

I already have a pretty detailed list on Spotify with like 700 songs so the costs for me to move is a lot of time. But if I could switch my entire songs without any work, I would choose apple. It automatically syncs to your car!

I’ve never used YouTube. Spotify or Amazon music is what I’d do

youtube i hear is like a combo right? like no ads on videos plus you can listen to just music. also i think you might get youtube red as well.

i actually would prefer youtube since you get that additional benefit.

Netflix should buy spotify, and provide a bundled solution. I can’t stand all these subscriptions, no idea how much i am spending.

i dont udnerstand why they cant bundle it either. an all in 1 shop. right now i think music is expensive though, thye need to negotiate the rec labels down or compete with them, kinda like what netflix did to content producers.

amazon shoulda done it. but they had to seperate the music out and create a premium portion. they shiulda just turned in to a loss leader to acquire prime subs. plus the navigation process for their content is kind of annoying, as i dont know which content is free and which costs money and i do not want to pay.

wheras with netflix its all free.also their recommendation are not as good as netflix. sometimes i just want to watch what other people are friggin watching. some of the free shit is crap, which really turns me off to the product as a whole. when i watch sometime, i want a ton of reviews with a lot of frigging stars.