Amber I’m really sorry to hear you failed. I know we were very close in practice exam results and I thought for sure you’d have a good chance of passing. I’m not as upset as December is not too far away. However all that work with nothing to show would be very disappointing if I were you. Rest up and I hope everything goes well come December for your little one.

Well I am glad I wasn’t close, but at the same time, am surprised I did so bad! You’re right, it’s the time and money that bug me the most! There is something to say for timing though.

Amber, you will not pay for the books for this December so it is cheaper to do it in December than next June or next December, not to mention probably a lot easier now withe one toddler than after December when the baby will be here. I strongly encourage you to do it this December. And I have no doubts, both you and KJH will smash it!

I know and I agree, but I am due 12/12/08 and the test is 12/06/08, that is just too close.

amberpower Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I know and I agree, but I am due 12/12/08 and the > test is 12/06/08, that is just too close. it might be better to wait until June of next year. You will nail it then.

I’d wait likewise.

You’re right, close call.

KJH and amber, sorry to hear. But i was thinking this morning, what if I fail? I told myself its not end all. I’d start again all over and this time I’d not skip sections/chapters etc. additionally since you take in december, we can all do L2 together. so its just matter of giving the exam for both of you, as both of you had a close call. especially KJH, i know you are the one who use to worry about cutting it close (like 68%, 69 et), and not making it. Next time you will kill it. This time it was just bad luck. I can’t thank heaven enough for the way I pass, because I think I got massive lucky, and remember for your next time, you’ll beat luck by way of your confidence, like you’ve seen some >70% in all do that.

amberpower Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I know and I agree, but I am due 12/12/08 and the > test is 12/06/08, that is just too close. If you delivered during the CFA exam you could name your baby Fifo or Swap or Dickey Fuller (a LII quant thing that still makes me chuckle because I am immature)… Edit: I really want amber to deliver during the CFA exam so we can have a name the baby contest. Someone on AFOT got breast implants and there was a great naming contest for them. I liked “Buy and Hold” best.

AND I would get in the Bloomberg news! I will come back and post in Level 1 and 2 and let you know when he/she was born. I will DIE if I make it past 12/6 and could have taken it! Hmmm, if I was buying a dog, I might go with FIFO. How about Laffer? Or Bayes?

Bayes Power would guarantee that s/he would become a statistician.

Actually my last name is Powers. Dare I say that? One idea was to name, if a boy, him Thatbe so the phone book would say Powers, Thatbe. And yes, DH really does have an Uncle Austin. Swear by it.

I like gretl. It has the Augmented Dickey Fuller test.

Amber, as you know I’m a failure, lol. Regardless, thanks for all your support. I can’t help but feel like I let you down, but I’m getting back on the saddle for Dec. Like you, nothing comes easy for me either. Even though you won’t be there for Dec 08, I hope you pick up where you left off sometime down the road. I don’t reckon your a quitter, so I trust one day you will.

Thanks Gouman, I will come back and cheer you on. You will pass next time. I actually really can’t believe my score was as pathetic as it was.

amberpower Wrote: > > I actually really can’t believe my score was as > pathetic as it was. It has more to do with the exam taking experience than with the exam questions Amber. My scores in December were so terrible I am ashamed of looking at the sheet now (and I did study hard for it back then). Not that I did so great this time around (I barely squeezed in). I know you have it momma!

Well that is a good sign. I will come back and find you map1, I seem to follow in your footsteps.

I was disappointed (don’t know why) to see you fail this time. I was really hoping that you would pass. I am not very experience person, but still I would say, as and when life allows you, write the exam again. Keep reading the books, keep posting, that way you can keep in touch with the concepts. Once the baby is due, you can take a brake from the studies. Remember that: “It ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” :slight_smile:

AMBER, also sorry to hear it did not work out. what is important is family. that said, if you an take level I again in december, I’d love to see you crush it. you were awesome in the may/june months and I’d be willing to help any way I can. i will be in the forums till next june, so you should have no problem finding me or some of the other Level I guys/gals - best and congrats on the december due date!!! daj224

Thanks everyone!