AMC question

internal valuation models are OK?? or did i misunderstand??? an EOC question. sorry, AMC.

sorry too many acronyms for me to understand your question

there was a question where using “internal valuation models” wasn’t incorrect. really surprised me.

Yeah just saw it. Guess third party only required for RE.

I think you can use as long as it is audited by third party

Where does 3rd party audits come from? Disclosure F (4) g confirms “internal valuation models”. Correction to my prior post (sent before finishing). Should be “…only required for RE in GIPS”


oops… so the answer was A… :frowning: but then B should also be wrong though not as wrong as A I guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

What was the question exactly? What you guys saying doesn’t ring a bell to me. :frowning:

Me either! No memory of this. Freaking out…

AMC Question The guy who sent out a flash email with the earnings update, and then started calling clients from largest on down: I saw this EXACT question somewhere, and the answer was that it was fair because he: -notified ALL clients of the change immediately (not to disadvantage any) -Calling the larger clients first to talk about the change was ok because they are presumably paying more fees for a higher level of service. So not a violation. Any thoughts?

This post seems to be from a few days ago. It was an EOC question, not an exam question.

flash email was fine… i think…

No violation, it was fair , it does not require to call everyone. Particularly if you don’t pay for extra service.

tibwa Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > No violation, it was fair , it does not require to > call everyone. Particularly if you don’t pay for > extra service. I said it was a violation because the manager then called the clients in order of account size to discuss the earnings report and make recommendations. Delineating by account size is not a fair level of service.

Well i kinda figured this out by common sense. I mean the dude has to start calling ppl one at a time anyways, he cant call them all at once. You might think he should conference call or something hahah, but i mean he cant be discussing personal details with all these ppl on the ling. why not start by largest account size? He already sent out the email, He is only one person, so he has to start calling somewhere.

no violation… detailed coverage can be done in order of importance… but must broadly diseminate basic info. and they seem to accept email as broad distribution… wonder what would happen if client doesn’t have email (next year’s exam LOL)

What about if a trade is not fully allocated, the prop account gets up to 5% of the allocation. I know its a violation, but is it because it disadvantages clients or because the firm comingles prop trades with client orders.

My vote was for no violation since he notified them all by flash email.