American Tourist John Allen Chau Reportedly Killed By Arrow-Wielding Indian Tribe As He Tried To Convert Them

Presumably, the tribe faces no recourse for murdering this unarmed tourist. Does this mean that if I set up residence on a remote island, I can bring people there to murder without legal consequences?

for some bizarre reason i sort off agree with obsanjo. i mean he set himself up for this. he knew the risks. also religious people are too pushy at times. anyways, perhaps the dude is happy to be closer to god. who knows.

i would not punish the tribe either. perhaps in their culture this is perfectly acceptable. i mean killing a stranger’s life is prolly better than losing the soul of your tribe.

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Presumably the tribe was on its own sovereign territory. Under whose laws would you bring legal action? Please don’t say ICC.

Some people don’t realize how dangerous it is in Asia, especially as a christian. Have we learned nothing?

As for learning from you:

  • “every day” in the manner in which you used it, is two words, not one. I fixed that one for you.
  • It’s “self-deprecation”, not “self-depreciation”. I fixed that one for you as well.

Hardly surprising, coming from you.

That guy is definitely a narcissist and was doing it for attention. Even if he got on the island, handed out bibles and preached… they can’t read it or understand what he’s saying. What good is that besides doing it for the ‘gram?

If what he believes is true, he could have been helping spread his faith elsewhere and living a long time to do it.

The guy brought an intelligible book to an arrow fight. He was either a deluded narcissist or on a suicide mission as there was only ever going to be 1 outcome.

He must have known that he could have wiped out the entire tribe with disease that they have no immunity to. The last time the tribe had contact with the outside world was when some British explorer kidnapped a group of them in the 1800s. The adults died within days from disease so it’s no wonder the sentinlese are so hostile to outsiders. Just leave them be.

Apparently a young boy in the tribe shot the bible out of his hand as a warning. How cool is that.


where does that leave you as an indian, considering that the South Asian subcontinent rightfully belongs to the proud descendants of the Mughal empire from Pakistan?

LMAO! Proud? Of what? Barbaric goat and camel riding civilization. Hindus should’ve kicked these Muslims out of India long back.

well that escalated quickly :wink:

i have south east asian muslim blood in me my brother! my relatives own a city there. their people vote 100% what they tell them.

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