Amortised/Historical cost measurement basis confusion

Which of the following statements about balance sheets is most accurate? For balance sheets prepared under: A. IFRS, a classified balance sheet must present current assets before noncurrent assets.

B. US GAAP, intangibles must be valued at historical cost.

C. IFRS, a commercial real estate company should use a liquidity based presentation.

The correct answer is B, but shouldn’t intangibles (unless if it has unlimited life) be valued at amortised cost instead of historical cost?

I think historical cost does not mean it has to be amortized nor unamortized. However, if you read amortized cost then it is.
So yes, it is valued at historical cost, then whether it has a definite life (then you amortized) or indefinite life (then you don’t amortized) has no impact. Hence the answer seems logic to me.