Amount of reading Level 3> Level II?

I’m reading Schweser materials but it takes me longer to get through the books than on Level II. Although the number of books is the same as for Level II (5), the feeling I’m getting I’m reading 6 books. The chapters are longer, on average, and there’s fewer concept checkers. I’m getting an unpleasant feeling…

I hear on the getting an uneasy feeling part, Sa. I don’t know about everyone else, but I feel like this material in three is easier to gloss over then two material was. Given the few concept checkers at the end of the readings it is hard to know whether or not any of the material is sinking into my brain.

I agree latenighter. Level III Schweser package is a bit of disappointment for me this year largerly because they decided to include few multiple choice concept checkers, which I personally found invaluable for previous levels. I do have their question bank on a cd, which I have not tried yet, but it’s on PC, not a book, which is a disadvantage to me. There’s still a ton of definitional material in Level III and I wonder how it will be tested in the constructed response type of questions. Am I really supposed to remember and list all 13 risk factors or whatever? It seems every chapter contains its own list of “risks”. Quite frankly my head is becoming a mess.

LIII is different because there is so little overlap between this & the pervious levels. Since the vast majority of the material & concepts is new, I feel too that I am going very slow.

For me, LIII is dragging in relation to LII because: 1. LII was far more interesting, which made it seem like an easier read. 2. Many LII topics, such as FI, Equity valuation, derivatives, FSA, & FOREX, involved doing problems, whereas LIII is (so far) pure text reading. Problem solving holds my attention far longer than texts. 3. LIII essay preparation. I spent a LOT of time working out my approach to writing essays for SS4 & SS5. I’m talking hours devoted to preparing for the exam, on top of the hours of actually learning and memorizing the material. LII only required that you know the material.