An advice for Level I (candidate)?

Hi, Can any of you (with your Level I passed) give an advice for this last week? I gave many hours of reading but there is too much stuff… And I have very low grades in the CFA Sample exams. I have the whole next 6 days to study, as I am out of work next week. And I still have to first read 300 Pages of FSA. Thanks in advance for your minute of time! And good luck in your exam! Carlos

I was in the same boat as you on Level 1, very pressed for time. I probably only got around to doing 1 Schweser sample exam. I would read those 300 pages of FSA very diligently and make sure that you understand the end of chapter quetions. There’s no sense in even looking at the CFA sample exams until you’ve checked out all of the basic concepts. I admittedly skipped some of the fixed income readings on Level 1, although I wouldn’t recommend that. But if you’re really pressed for time, I would get a really good understanding of FSA first.

Appreciatte GRD! Anyone could say…?

yeah, get off the L3 board and study your a$$ off. Be confident and things will work out best of luck

CFA_Halifax Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > yeah, get off the L3 board and study your a$$ off. > Be confident and things will work out > > best of luck hahha thanks. A little dreaming…

What saved me in 1 & 2 was doing maximum practice questions (didn’t do any CFAI ones by the way), just Schweser…Buddy, don’t want to make 1 sound petty, but the worst is yet to come for u with 2 & 3 ! All the best for your 1…

level one key: Take schweser volume 1 practice exams until you have them memorized… maybe three or four times if you didnt read and 2-3 if you did… After that you are basically going to kill the exam.

I agree with these fine gentlemen. if you take schweser and cfa sample exams (all of them) and make sure you can do all those questions (memorize the formulas etc) you are guaranteed to pass. Plug & chug.

I took 2 sample exams CFAI ones (would do all) and all the Stalla tests and quesitons and Schweser Book 7 (now Volume 2 maybe) questions… I ripped that exam to shreds.

wish I could carry over some of those excess points from L1


What’s your backround? I think that makes a big diff. Alot of the stuff is undergrad repetition. I did Stats, Ecos and Finance at Undergrad. I’d say I spent half my time on FSA and did practise question for most of the other sections. Skipped ethics, which I am proud to say I failed (<50) and still passed. Alothough I think I got very lucky to get though it. They say doing just practise Q’s is not going to get you through the exam but I think with so little time it is you best hope. When you do a question try make sure you understand the awnser. Also get secrect sauce from schweser.

yeah i was cs and went with almost no preparation and failed - horror!