An American, who wants to go back to America

I’m currently living in Asia. Lost my job in '10. Couldn’t find a job in US so I moved out to Asia.

Before I made the move, I studied other industry, just to be industry specific in finance. It kind of helped but not too much in getting interviews in the US. Actually, many interviews were out of state, and they doubt I’ll move out of NYC to live elsewhere. (Look how far i moved out now) Now, in Asia, I am currently in a start up VC for a year, but I can’t seem to adjust to life here at all.

Listening to others’ situation in regards to US job market, I want to know fellow AFers’ opinion, how bad is it really in US right now? Europe isn’t doing great at all, and it’s said that US wont probably do so well next year.

I just want to go back home. NY or not, I just want to go back to the US.

what kind of work do you want to do?

Finance hiring is pretty bad

How’s consulting? I kind of want to switch to there.

Im scared ***** about the entire investment industry

Job market here sucks. It doesn’t seem as bad as 2010, but still not good. Maybe this is a good time to go to business school and hopefully wait this stuff out.


In psychology they say ,“Once maladjusted …always maladjusted”! What is the guarantee you will be ‘happy’ back home this time and some one is waiting to grab you this time - absolutely none particularly when those who know the ground reality feel the situation is worse this time!

Experience of most people able to survive in consulting suggest that, irrespective of CFA or not, basic requirement for being successful in ‘Consulting’ is a mature mind with balanced outlook for long-term gains and during first few years a strong desire to fight, braveness to survive against all odds and capability to adjust to the situation, come what may. Pardon me for saying so, you seem to lack it as of now. So, have an honest appraisal with cool mind to find out the root cause of your ‘inability to adjust’, ‘scaredness’ and above all ‘wavering mind’.and do the needful to remove them rather than running away every time from the reality.

I agree with you, mygos, but one should understand another’s entire story.

This is why I believe in life resumes and not job resumes. ​

Im an American and I wont go back to the USA until i have the CFA Charter… its my opinion that the charter in 2012 is what a bachelors degree was 15 years ago (pre 2000)… its the minimum requirment to be qualified for a decent job.

im preparing myself to be marketable for a very specific job function and career with my language skill and “expertise”. fortunately its NOT Chinese/Hindu/Spanish that have already been diluted to death.

As the number of finance job openings shrink by the day, you gotta offer up more and more to stay in. hopefully the CFA charter will be one of those

as someone else mentioned, an mba may be an option. just got my mba and most classmates that wanted m&a, sales and trading, sellside equity research in general were able to land something. consulting placement was also pretty resilient. pe, hf and im recruiting has been more difficult and those are the majority of the folks in my class still looking.

how did you find the buyside recruiting in asia? were you able to get an expat package at this job and anything prior?

i’m actually signed up to join a large F500 in asia this summer. i think, like you, the lifestyle will be the biggest adjustment as i’m also american. i’m planning on doing 2 years max there and asking for a transfer back to NY. but i wanted to check out asia now while i still can and also plan to explore the PE scene out there.