An Ethical Paradox

According to the CFA, in instances of conflicting laws, the most stringent applies. This includes the code. According to the CFA, if you are asked to disclose confidential client data to them for disciplinary reasons, you must do so or you will lose your charter. What if local law dictates that under no circumstances can client data be disclosed to third parties?

nice question i think the best solution is to ask CFAI

No, I think Laws prevail over some of the CFA SOPH, especially if laws are above (stringent) SOPH. Client data is very confidential, if client is doing something that is against law, then I am sure there are lawful ways to disclose client data - go via legal channels, not sure CFAI would have the authority to view my client’s data without getting necessary approvals.

It’s a tricky point. Oh well, with that, another study day comes to a close. Night all!

CFAI is like a priest. Confidentiality of your confession is safe!:slight_smile:

CFA PCP is above all