An extra workbook on Portfolios

Did any of these authors write the CFA Curric? This book basically goes over everything portfolio related. Might be valuable reading prior to curric with lots of overlaps! 13 chapters, 1 a day, get the knowledge down in 2 weeks? Managing Investment Portfolios Workbook: A Dynamic Process (CFA Institute Investment Series) (Paperback) by John L., CFA Maginn (Editor), Donald L., CFA Tuttle (Editor), Jerald E., CFA Pinto (Editor), Dennis W., CFA McLeavey (Editor)

If you can read books on technical topics like portfolio management at 1 chapter/day and retain the information, you don’t even need to do this for this exam.

Do John L., CFA Maginn, Donald L., CFA Tuttle, Jerald E., CFA Pinto (Editor), or Dennis W., CFA McLeavey have a part in the current Curric for L3? The book is a very condensed version. Basically brief review of chapters in 40 pages and another 80 pages of questions, the rest is solutions. For L2 I read the Cartoon Guide to statistics to get an edge. I believe this will give me a similar edge.

PtrainerNY, The 3rd ed of the above authors’ book is the basis for many readings at LIII. Look right under the LOS for each reading in the curriculum for the source…the workbook you mention is indeed the workbook for their textbook . However, most, if not all, of the problems in the workbook are reproduced in the CFAI Candidate Readings so you probably do NOT need to buy the workbook.