An Indian Boy plays a prank on his Dad.Enjoy this at your on risk."English subtitles are provided"


this is what happens when you go to Indian parents and say u got a girl pregnant lol

passing level 2 is better than sex rr

I knew you will surely enjoy this video.

You talk about having sex with your parents? You mean incest?

You got i wrong.

“Sex” talks means talking with your parents about your “sex life”

I think the movie “wolf of wall street” Decaprio openly talks with his father about his sex life.

^ That was creepy how he was so open with his dad.

That movie was boring and like 25 years too late, and Leonardo DiCaprio is a nuisance. Btw whatever happened to him? I remember in elementary school all the girls were crazy about Leo…

Wolf of Wall Street was pretty terrible except for Margot Robbie naked. The producers could have put that scene on loop for two hours and it would have been a better movie. The ludes scene where he has a total melt down was also pretty good.

Apparently not something to joke about.

It brought Margot in the spotlight! Her breakthrough role and that alone was worth it as I have a feeling we’ll see more of her.